The Packhouse and the Production Process


The first port of call once the fruit has been harvested is the infeed line at the packhouse. This is where the fruit will be inspected for the first time before being sent down the line for further inspection and on to be packed.

Sizing and Grading

Once the fruit enters the packhouse it is then graded where only the best of the best specimens are sent on their way to the 1st grade lanes ready for export. Fruit that doesn't quite make the grade, but still tastes delicious is sent to 2nd grade and local market. Our sizing machine automatically sorts the fruit into various sizes and sends them down the appropriate lane to be boxed up by our awesome staff.

Packing and Strapping

Now that the fruit has been sorted it's time to be put lovingly into boxes, some of the smaller sizes are placed into bulk boxes, where as the larger specimens are placed into single layer trays so that they can't damage each other (bullies!!) 

As soon as they are boxed up they are then stacked onto pallets by the big strong fellas on the line and are then sent to be strapped up so that they are stable enough to be sent on their OE. It's a long journey by boat to some of our export destinations!


Finally, once every fruit is in it's place it is then taken to our cool store to be kept at the perfect temperature to ensure that it stays in pristine condition ready to be shipped. If we do our job right some fruit can last months in the cool store!


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