The WFP Team

Mark Gardiner

CEO and Co-Founder

With over 40 years of industry experience, Co-Founder of WFP, Mark has a wealth of knowledge in both kiwifruit and it's industry which he inputs by way of membership into ISG and NZKGI. Forming the business with his wife and Co-Founder Robyn in 1984, Mark planted WFP's original vines in 1975 and to this day continues to do so.

Robyn Gardiner

CFO and Co-Founder

With over 35 years experience in the company, Robyn has built a comprehensive knowledge of the financial workings of WFP and as such is invaluable to the operation. Working alongside Mark since the company's formation, she has helped to grow WFP to where it is today.

Gavin Pullenger

Compliance and Quality Assurance Manager

Gavin has over 30 years experience in the kiwifruit industry with WFP. Covering all areas from the on orchard growing through to post harvest facility management, specialising in Organic Green production. He is a BioGro Compliance coordinator and has completed the Assure Quality HACCP and Food Safety Training. 

Kristin Goodwin

Human Resources and Inventory Manager

Joining the company in 2005, Kristin has a wide ranging skill set which involves overseeing staff hiring during harvest, inventory management of packaging, logistics and organisation of Class 1 and 2 fruit to the wharf as well as local market sales. Additionally, she manages electronic data and management reports of the pack-house during harvest and repack season.

Ben Gardiner

Operations Manager

Since joining the company in 2002, Ben has been involved in operations from day one. He oversees all key orchard machinery and maintenance activity throughout the seasons on the orchards. During harvest, Ben heads up both the logistics of product movement into, and production management of WFP's post-harvest facility.

Miguel Peterle

Production and Harvest Manager

Originally from Brazil, Miguel joined WFP in 2009. He brings an extensive knowledge of kiwifruit as he has a heritage of horticulture from Brazil with his family farm and has carried on studying horticulture in the USA and NZ. He has competed in Zespri's 'Young Horticulturalist of the Year' twice and is passionate about growing new varieties of Zespri Kiwifruit, particularly SunGold.

Paul Gardiner

Business Analysis and Investment Manager 

Having involvement in the company since 2010, Paul graduated from Waikato University with a BMS in Economics and Finance in 2015 and after post-graduate study and travel, Paul returned to WFP as it's Business Analysis and Investment Manager. He now assists in direction of future growth, finance and investment, production analysis and asset management within the company.

Mathew Langlands

Outdoor and Production Supervisor

Joining the team in 2010, Mat has a wealth of knowledge with all things kiwifruit. Mat has helped to manage both the indoor and outdoor operation of the company for several years and is up there with the best of them. Whether he's helping to run the teams pruning and grafting or overseeing the packhouse production floor, Mat wears many hats at WFP. When he's not under the vines or in the packhouse Mat can commonly be found fishing up and down the Coromandel coast.

Carleen Coppard

Head Quality Controller

Knowing quality, takes quality, and we're lucky to have a quality woman like Carleen as part of the team. She helps to oversee the grade of all fruit entering the packhouse and keep us packing fruit on the right track. As part of this Carleen has been trained and signed off on numerous Zespri phytosanitary and critical control point (CCP) requirements to make sure fruit is sent to the correct markets. 

Katie McQuade

Compliance and Health & Safety Administrator

Joining the team in 2017, Katie brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and ensures WFP's compliance across a number of fronts. 

James Fitzgerald

Apiary Manager

Since joining WFP in 2017, James role in the company continues to change as WFP continues to diversify. James started his role out in the orchards as quality and control for picking gangs. Since then he's been busy managing WFP honey. From looking after beehives, testing different samples to bottling and getting the honey into stores.


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