Sustainable Practice

A light footprint is a good footprint and we believe in stewarding the land in a way that means long after we are gone, future generations have the same opportunity to enjoy kiwifruit the way we do. 

Growing kiwifruit and exporting it overseas is effectively carbon neutral, meaning that release of carbon into the atmosphere is offset by amount that is sequestered back into the soil through the natural growing processes of the vines.

WFP also has a strong push to diversify it's operation, which has seen it venture into forestry and apiculture, two key areas that we see as growth points that complement the business and it's long-term viable practices that are equally profitable and sustainable.


Organic Management

Currently all of WFP's Hayward Green Kiwifruit and a quarter of it's Sungold grown is certified organic with our friends at BioGro. Even though not all of our kiwifruit is organic, it's a goal that we are actively working towards. 

For us here at Whitehall Fruitpackers, growing organic is more than just a management technique, it's an actively pursued practice to work with and within nature and it is our hope that one day we can be 100% organic.

To us, organic growing as nature intended just makes sense and we're proud to be on of the largest suppliers of organic kiwifruit to Zespri. It makes us happy knowing that we can provide it to people all around the globe!

The Way Forward

WFP and it's staff are fortunate enough to be involved in several key organisations who are paving the way in research and development, ranging from on orchard management practices and spray programs through to networks, committees and board memberships.

As new developments unfold and are made available, WFP as a company is always ready to help by facilitating trials for new research being conducted. 

We are dedicated to exploring new ways of managing our orchards and working with our plants to produce the best outcomes for our fruit, people and planet.



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